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Affordable Energy Solutions for Corporate Australia

Since 2011, ESG Energy has been at the forefront of affordable green energy solutions. While providing unique energy products and services, we deliver investment opportunities to impact investors, landowners and corporate energy buyers to create new green energy infrastructure and improve corporate bottom line profits.

In doing so, we help to protect the planet for current and future generations.

What We Do

We have a unique business model that fast-tracks utility-scale solar and storage projects. Our bankable energy projects provide investment vehicles for institutional and wholesale investors whilst meeting ESG requirements of corporates to provide low-cost 100% green PPAs. We also provide bankable technology products that provide reliable affordable green power including 5B, Tesla, CATL, Energy Renaissance, Nextracker, Trina, Risen, Longi, JA and AE, SMA, Power Electronics, FIMER, Solar Farmers and Free Solar.

Why Choose Us

We use a unique business model that minimises risk, improves returns for impact investors, and reduces costs for corporate PPAs whilst meeting ESG goals. ESG Energy creates a unique business model where everyone leverages its energy project’s benefits including investors, landowners, and corporate energy buyers to maximise profit.

ESG Energy is a trusted industry leader with years of experience. If you have questions, call us on 0403 685 825.