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ESG Energy

ESG Energy is ready to help you control your energy use with our direct, cost-effective and bankable energy products and services. Our highly knowledgeable team is expertly skilled to transform your business with green energy. We provide you with cost-effective power to cover all of your needs while you focus on other business priorities. Hire us today.

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Fast & Reliable Service

We take our clients’ needs seriously and that includes delivering our products and services in a timely manner.

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Great Customer Service

Our customer support service is available and ready to answer your PPA queries & more.

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Attention to Detail

We pay close attention to even the tiniest bit of detail to ensure that we satisfy your demands.

Green Energy Service

ESG Energy is the newly created division within Solar Farmers Pty Ltd. We started in 2011 with a mission to accelerate the uptake of clean energy through economic mechanisms while fixing the high energy consumption costs.

Specifically designed to meet investor and corporate ESG requirements, we enable the rapid deployment of utility-scale solar and storage projects.

Dedicated Energy Provider

At ESG Energy, we aim to be the best provider of reliable power. We are available to take your requests whilst striving to be the first and only call for all of your electricity needs. Our priority is to build unique power projects, reshape the domestic renewables sector and disrupt outdated industry models.

Innovative Power Technology Products & Services

When you choose ESG Energy, we will look at how much electrical energy your business uses to power up your system and work out a strategy to inject the same volume of green energy. Our bankable technology provides reliably sustainable, renewable and affordable green power to serve your needs.

ESG Energy is your source for industry trends, company perspectives and emerging renewable technologies. Call us on 0403 685 825.